Success Story: Mimi

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One of our professional users, Tamar Cohen, runs a nutrition practice called Tri Holistic Nutrition. She was gracious enough to reach out to her clients to see if any of them were willing to share their story with us. Meet Mimi, a college student who worked with Tamar. Here is her story!

"Mimi is a college student who had gained weight. We worked together for 6 months combining in-person meetings and weekly phone check-ins. I used Cronometer to help guide her on the best food choices for her overall health and weight management goals. Every week, when we got on the phone, we would look at her Cronometer log.

I could see exactly what she was eating. It made it easier to tweak her diet and make the recommendations that would fit her lifestyle and help achieve both optimal health and ideal weight.

One year later Mimi had lost and maintained a 30lb weight drop. In her own words she says “I feel very healthy and have been on a Paleo diet, like you suggested”.

I feel confident that our work together has given Mimi the tools to make healthy dietary choices that will last a lifetime."


If anyone would like to contact Tamar about her services, click here to visit her website.

Spencer D.
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