activity level descriptions vs setting

In the chronometer help section for activity level, 5 level choices are defined:

This setting is only recommended if you are manually logging all activities or using a fitness tracker that is counting your general movement through the day
Light Activity
Sedentary. This captures your energy burn from basic daily living (sitting, eating, walking around the office or house).
Moderately Active
Moving frequently through the day (Construction work, stocking shelves, cleaning, etc..)
Very Active
Intense activity through the day such as manual agricultural work or competitive athletic training
Allows you to set a custom Calorie burn

However, the pulldown menu separates Light Activity and Sedentary so there are actually 6 choices. I'm unsure of the functional difference between light activity and sedentary in the app, although the math is defined (BMR.2) vs (BMR.375) on the profile page.

Perhaps the help section should be updated?

I plan to log all exercise, but would like I'm personally unclear as to whether basic daily living is light activity or sedentary, if I'm at home all day. Thanks for your help.


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