Hi, my name is Deb. I've been keto for almost 2 weeks. Feeling great and loving it. My husband Tim just joined as well as my brother in law and his wife. I have been using the cronometer since the beginning and I love it. One thing I noticed right away about my past. I ate way too much protein and servings were way to big. Well I hope there is plenty of like mindedness going on here. I feel like I need friends that are working same kind of program.


  • Hi Deb... I've also decided to do a keto cycle again... currently 1.5 weeks in (planning 6 wks). Doing great. I do this every few years as the weight creeps up on me slowly over time. Easier every time. But... as usual, difficult at first, until you get the right groceries in your pantry :) Have also been using Cronometer for many, many years. Still my favourite. All the best to you!

  • I went keto at the end of April this year and never looked back. It's awesome! I'm finally free of the curse of the drive to overeat! Great, steady-state energy all day, and no cravings to overcome, and I kissed 22 pounds goodbye. If it takes awhile to get going, just give it time -- it took about two months for me to get really adapted. It is SO worth it when you get there. And I use Cronometer religiously. I love seeing the weight trend line sloping down down down, and I keep an eye on the calories and macro trend lines to make sure I've staying pretty even.

  • Thanks Sookies, it's flying by and still very enjoyable. Your right about getting the right foods. Made muffins with cream cheese frosting for my husbands birthday. They were really good. Now it's been a month and I'm down 12 lbs. yippy.

  • Hi, I'm new to the Keto idea. Have been using chronometer now for 3 days and I realize how MUCH I eat!!! Oh my! I thought I was eating healthy but it appears I am not. I am confused though...do we not eat many vegetables? I am a vegetable eater so am not sure this will work for me. For instance, I eat a meat and a vegetable such as broccoli with my dinner....or maybe a salad. I am still new to this idea. Am I misunderstanding?

  • @Jamie Veggies are great, but for Keto one wants to avoid any that are starchy or sweet (so no potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, etc...). Leafy greens and cruciferous veggies are mostly fiber so are generally compatible with keto.

  • @Frumpy, Nutritional ketosis is a state of health in which your body is efficiently burning fat as its primary fuel source instead of glucose. When undergoing a ketogenic diet you are essentially converting yourself from a “sugar burner” to a “fat burner”.I first came to Cronometer after reading Dr. Mercola's book, Fat for Fuel, which explains nutritional ketosis. There's also a lot of info on Google.

  • I'm just starting Keto.
    I keep hearing about macros. What are they?

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