Hello from a Crono newbie

Hi All
Started using Cronometer 3 days ago so still backtracking to fix previous mistakes! Started Keto nutritional couple weeks ago and found this from Ketochow site. Pretty hard to track all required otherwise. Am senior now, 77, and got really interested in taking control after family and VA dr's said high cholesterol, 240, needed drugs. Down to 200 in 1 year so they backed off. More research into glucose metabolism etc. lead me to Keto as a permanent diet for benefits to arthritis, nerve damage, cancer, heart failure, etc. Final straw was when friends son, recent diabetic, got A1c down to 5.5 from 8.5 and Dr said would really like it nearer 7!!!! That pushed me into studying A1C and related. A little long winded, sorry. Hope to share/learn from y'all and let's all take control of our diet for the better. Later.



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    Welcome welcome! I'm a crono newbie as well, though I've been a long-time MyFitnessPal user. Also did Keto for about six months a year ago, now transitioned to a whole foods, plant-based diet. Keto produced some awesome results for me (dropped 20lbs), but moved to my new diet after a lot of research tied to longevity. Welcome aboard!

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