Activity Level Modifier for TDEE

Hello all!

First post here.
Background: I have been using Cronometer to log my foods and recently turned on the feature to get info from my Fitbit account which has data from a wearable for my activity. Now, throughout the day my Fitbit account gets updated with steps and activity data which is then sent over to Cronometer. This data appears in its Diary area as "Fitbit Activity" which has an associated number of minutes and calories (deficit/negative value) listed.
Question: I am not sure if in the Profile->Body Details area, I should put Zero for my Activity Level modifier and let my Fitbit data coming over act as that extra amount (E.A.T.) or if I should fill it out as Sedentary, which I think applies to me. I guess my difficulty is in figuring out if adjusting the Activity Level higher would be double counting calories that would be listed in my Fitbit Activity (based on steps and HR data for running). Does anyone know more about this than I do and have an answer to my confusion? My guess is I should use Activity Level=None with Fitbit Data coming over (more accurate) or Activity Level=Sedentary without Fitbit Data syncing (less accurate) but not Activity Level=Sedentary with Fitbit Data syncing (double counting). Is that correct?


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