Gaining Weight Dealing With Malabsorption Issues

Hello I have been using cronometer for nearly 2 months now and im loving it, it really has opened my eyes to my nutrient deficiencies and in general how much I eat.

I have alot of malabsorption issues the cause is yet to be determined so I am using cronometer as a day planner, symptom tracker and a tool to help me manage and eventually start to increase my weight.

I have an ok grasp of when to weigh food, guestimate a portion from a pan of food like stew etc
but there is a kind of wall I have encountered, as I have the malabsorption problems I am having vegetable juices and I am trying to start with vegetable powders but for obvious reasons most foods are in the whole form and its rare to find a powder or juice.

I believe it is skewing my diary probably not by much I know but it somthing to consider, im removing the fibre from the juices and the powders the water content, though the latter as im making my own powders(dehydrator) it is easier to estimate the vegetable content; but the juices I don't know what im losing apart from the obvious fibre.

Anyways I am writing to see if anyone has any tips or if there is anyone using it for the same reason as me, seems most are using it to lose weight which I would despair if I was doing so again haha


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    Is there any information of the composition of foods? Im using a setting for almond milk(plain origional unsweetened) but I am making the milk myself and I have no reference for the amount of almonds used im trying to get a good idea of my nutritional intake and it is hard using generic foods with unknown recipes etc

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    Hi Protect_Ya_Gut,

    You can find some more information by looking at the USDA Food Composition Database. They provide a description of many foods in the Standard Reference database. However, they do not provide a recipe/description of prepared, processed and pre-packaged foods. They also don't have good coverage for juiced vegetables or nuts, unfortunately.

    Best of luck!

    Karen Stark
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    Thank you for your help its appreciated il keep guestimating until I can get some blood tests done to see if im in the right range

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