Indicator for "total weight eaten today" and caloric density

I'd like to have a way of quickly seeing how many grams of food I've consumed in a given day. I know i could simply add up all the numbers myself and then divide it by the calories eaten to see how "dense" i ate - but why would i do that if it can be done by itself via programming for me! ;p

thx for ur considerations and this nice website!


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    Similar here. I was many times interested in seeing the total weight of a meal. My "diary groups" correspond to meals. This would be a nice premium feature, building on the premium feature of diary groups. Seeing the total weight of a meal helps tremendously people who have a small stomach to learn if total weight correlates with belly probs after the meal.

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    yea multiple ideas behind it
    for example satiation-wise i notice a significant drop in "hungryness" after around 1300-1600g eaten (doesnt really matter what macros that food had)
    and from what ive researched do primates eat around 10% of their bodyweight in food - so id like do be in around the same realm :p

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    You can view the total weight of recipes in the recipe editor. Select the "Serving size" drop down menu to view the total recipe weight.
    If you don't want to truly create a recipe, you can multiselect items from your diary, and right click to create recipe from selected items. Then view the weight but simply do not select the save button on the recipe editor.
    Then you can write a note with the weight in your diary if you would like to remember it.

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