Calendar search for items/foods from your diary

Hi again!

Would be really helpful to be able to search your own food diary for a specific food and when you've eaten it.

Currently, if I would like to find out when did you eat let's say an Apple the last time, the only way to do this is to go through your calendar day by day and try to find the item from your entries for each day. When you have hundreds of days in the calendar, this becomes quite time consuming.

How this could work is just to see a red dot for example in the calendar section on each day you've eating the item you're searching for. This would make it easy to find specific items from your diary and also give a great visual overview of how often you're eating a specific food.


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    This would be my single most desired feature request!
    I would have used it already well over a hundred times!!

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    I agree this would be a nice feature. A workaround is to go under profile -> account information -> settings "gear" icon-> export data -> export servings. It should open a spreadsheet you can then search (web version tested). From that you can find the dates to jump to in the diary. If you periodically save the export, you can continue to refer to it and potentially do your own statistics.

  • Imagine, I am aware of this excel way of finding things...but I never use it because it is really complicated, doubly so on a mobile... I find it easier to do the hassle of going through the calendar, day by day... Certainly, all functions of Crono could be done in excel... just no-one would do them...! :)

  • Please implement this, we need it!

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