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    Hi all,

    I'm Brian, and I'll be manning the transition to the new forums over here cronometer HQ. I'm happy to welcome you all to our new forums, where we will provide a garden for our large community of users to talk all things crono!

    We'll have some exciting things to announce over the next few days and weeks so keep an eye out here on the forums, and on our social media (facebook.com/cronometer and twitter.com/cronometer) for all the updates!

    Please familiarize yourself with the new forums, which you get access to along with your cronometer.com account. We've also posted the guidelines, along with the terms & conditions for the forums here

    With the formalities out of the way, let me introduce myself:

    I'm a meat and beer loving man from Ireland who, since moving country and having a baby, has struggled with achieving my weight goals. In 2012 I was 177lbs, with a BMI of 24. Lately this is starting to flirt with 210lbs and a BMI of 29. One of my short term goals is to get back below 190lbs and back towards a more healthy BMI.
    I hope to be posting more on this in the goal based nutrition section of the forums over the coming days.

    I hope others will introduce themselves here, let us know their health goals and let us know how we can help you get there!

    Looking forward to hearing and sharing your stories,



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    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Oliver and I have committed myself to building a Ketogenic Online business. I am passionate about food and cooking and my ultimate goal is to create recipes online for those wanting to capitalise on nutritional ketosis.

    My website is still in development stages and at this point no recipes are currently available.

    I have recently moved to Belgium after having lived all my life in South Africa. I love meat.

    Since adopting a ketogenic lifestyle I put myself through a 7-Day Water Fast and lost 21 pounds in 6 days 10 hours.

    I initially found after breaking the fast, I was consuming too much protein as I was "guessing and approximating" my daily macros.

    Since using Cronometer I was able to fine tune myself back into nutritional ketosis.

    I generally Institute a 16/8 intermittent fasting strategy and keep to a moderate Keto macro count.

    I am interested in ultimately consulting and helping people overcome obesity and metabolic disease.

    My personal goals are to lose another 5kg and to feed my body at the cellular level.

    My number 1 resource has been Dr Joseph Mercola's book FAT FOR FUEL and just love his video series titled Diet Against Disease.

    I am really excited about the opportunities NK has to afford us and hope to make an impact on the health of others in the coming future.

    My biggest question I would seek an answer to is: How do I use a food calculator to create me a macro breakdown for recipes I make?

    I look forward to engaging with you all.

    Best wishes and God bless,


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    Looking forward to tracking my nutrition information. First time on plant based diet , long time eater. After watching Dr. Micheal Greger (nutrition facts.org) and Mic the Vegan (who recommended this app) i decided to give up meat, dairy, eggs and oil. It has been three weeks and to be honest I'm not really missing it much. Being on a plant based diet has slimed me down a bit (163 to 157) the first 3 weeks so I will probably have to start some workout regimen soon. The App has definitely allowed me to see that I had not been getting enough potassium and calcium in my diet.

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    Hi, I'm Cihan a vet student in turkey. I've been using crono for about 2 years now mainly to keep track of my macros and feel good about myself at the end of a day. It makes it easier to commit to a healthy diet when you can see exactly what you ate. Great job to the Cron-O-meter.

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    Hi all, I just joined cronometer and I'm very happy to have a forum for support and guidance. There is so much conflicting information out there that I am now thoroughly confused and frustrated about proper nutrition and weight management.

    I started a paleo diet at the beginning of the year and prepared and ate some fabulous meals this year, thanks to a plethora of paleo books and recipes I found online. I never felt deprived, however my clothes were getting tight and I gained a few pounds, so now I'm looking for a different approach to healthy eating and trying to drop 10-15 pounds in the process. My BMR is only 1336, so I'm pretty sure I was simply eating too much food, which is why I'm here now. I look forward to meeting others who have similar goals and frustrations.

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    @mike I also love that if I forget to enter food, (sometimes happens on the weekend) I get an email reminder since I have that set. It is awesome.

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    Welcome to the Cronometer community, if you live anywhere in the US, you might be able to benefit from SilverSneakers classes offered throughout participating gyms, once you get a membership in a participating gym, the classes are free, and are held twice a week.

    The advantage of these classes, is that they are geared toward seniors and you can participate with as little as you want ( like starting with a 2 lbs dumbbells) using special chairs provided in the classroom, and under trained instructors.

    I wouldn't know where to begin to describe the health benefits of exercises , together with healthful eating , for any age group and for any health condition. Healthful eating alone is only half the battle, so is exercise alone; they go hand in hand.

    Once you reached Medicare age, then the participating gym membership becomes also free.

    Good luck with your health struggle.

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    Hello. I am new to Cronometer, after having created my own Excel-based version. I am relieved to find Cronometer because my own version was taking me days and days out of my life just to enter in data. Now I can enjoy other things while reaping the rewards of a careful daily lifestyle diary.
    I eat a whole foods plant-based (no added oils) diet and have never felt healthier. This great application will help me keep a close eye on myself and my family and friends' progression through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Thanks Cronometer!

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    The cron-o-meter is a fantastic tool!

    I was introduced to the cron-o-meter through the CRON society back in 2007. The tool has evolved a great deal. I use it now for 15% restriction with intermittent fasting,

    I also use it to track my husband’s intake, he suffers from an auto-immune disorder and diabetes.

    The cron-o-meter is literally health and sanity saver!

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    edited September 2017

    Hello, my dudes and dudettes.

    My introduction isn't going to be very deep, so I am going straight to the point why I am here - I must reduce my ravenous appetite for chocolate and houmous. Gotta make more space dat broccoli, right my dudes ?!

    Good luck everyone.

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    Hi. I am a Brit living in British Columbia and loving it here. I have navigated menopause, somehow, but the weight I accumulated made me feel very uncomfortable in my body, and my body was reacting in many ways.
    In January. I started the lchf eating lifestyle, basically beginning with no bread/wheat/grains/potatoes. I ordered Dr. Mercola's "Fat for Fuel" in May which helped me fine tune my eating lifestyle to a strict Keto/MMT lifestyle.

    I have no idea how much weight I have lost since January. I just look in the mirror and see the difference. I put on my clothes and have to find belts etc., to keep them on! But I am now continuing this lifestyle for the health benefits rather than weight loss. I'm where I want to be weight-wise.

    Seeing the results, my husband started joining me with the lifestyle in July and he is now reading Dr. Mercola's book and he is encouraging me to buy the good foods. It was originally a struggle to have him understand the need for good food while I was on the lifestyle myself. It's great to have an ally.

    Now, I am looking to incorporate the feast-famine cycle so that I don't see my blood glucose go up etc.

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    Mike, Thanks for the advice about the gym classes. I am from Canada. I started a chair yoga class today which has me stretching and even working up a sweat. I also start a 60 min water workout, which means no weight on my knees while I exercise. It should get easier and easier as the weight drops off. I really appreciate the support!!!

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    I'm new to this counting calories and watching what I eat thing. Turning 50 next year and having Thyroid problems and normal problems with weight gain at my age I now need help losing weight. I never had that problem before, could eat pretty much whatever I wanted and not gain, but now it's a different story. Glad there is places like this to help you out. Need to exercise more as well!

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    Hi Everyone,

    I am about to turn 39. I was linked to this site on another forum and had never heard of it. It looks very interesting and I input my morning smoothie and I love how it shows the nutrients and calories right in it. Amazing.
    I am in good shape, I have been weight training for 22 years with no time off to speak of.
    I try to eat a balanced diet and recently have started dabbling in 16/8 IF.
    I am interested in general well being and longevity. I am not a vegan or vegetarian yet but have dabbled in both, and do not eat much animal product as it is so can see myself transitioning.

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    WOW do I love this program so far!!! Ok it's only been a few days, but I'm just so impressed with what it can do...options I asked the other very famous Oprah advertised program for, for years , and they couldn't do for 5X the price (Aaron you are selling yourself short -but I'm glad for the bargain!!). I will be spreading the word about your site - and GOLD is sooo worth it!

    I'm a 47 yo married woman in Montana with three kids (15, 12, 8). I'm an attorney and national speaker in the healthcare field. I travel extensively so the app is super important to me for airport meals, etc., although I've perfected the art of hotel cuisine (you can eat well on the road, it just takes planning! I actually travel with knife/cutting board, measuring cups and scale.) I'm not a social media user though so posting this is a new thing for me. Hopefully, I can figure it out.

    I'm here to lose weight -a lot of weight (225lbs). In the past, I've lost 150lbs, 100lbs, 85lbs, 115lbs, and 75lbs, gaining back the loss (and sometimes more) in between with things like law school, pregnancy, etc. Having lost that much, that many times, I know a thing or three about nutrition, but I'm hoping the level of detail, especially about BMR and metabolism vs. consumption will help me maintain this time - I'm getting too old to do this again! But that's waaaaaaay out in the future - for now I'm looking forward to using the program to get there - I'm a bit (or a lot) of a control freak so being able to monitor everything is really inspiring. For my macro's I'm wavering between zone (40:30:30) and a bit less protein (45:25:30) - and this fantastic program lets me enter everything and view under each ratio!

    One more thing I'd like to say, because I know what people think when they see me and my weight - contrary to common conceptions about "morbidly obese" people, I don't have high BP or diabetes, and my blood lipids are so good as to be protective for heart disease (2.4:1 chol/HDL ratio - HDL of 67 - and that's when not controlling calories) - in fact, although docs love to look for things wrong with me, they just don't find them (knocking on wood when I say that). I'm a believer that weight correlates with rather than causes many of these health problems.

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    My name is Julia, I'm 32.

    The reason I'm here is because I want to have a journal.

    I believe that I am a Princess and that I should treat myself as valued and behave properly, according to that truth. Allowing Jehovah to raise me to his high standards and allowing no exceptions.

    I declare (pardon my forwardness) that I have the right to value my self and treat myself well. For me, that means a number of things. For you, that means I respect God's privacy in his own work in your life--that may look different than His work in my life, but I believe the two will be a compliment.

    My goal is not to loose weight or become fit, but to reestablish the health I had as a child. And to get my roots into the soil of God's Word and drink from his Spirit.

    I believe in life. I know life!

    And I'm bound for the promised land ❤️. So, here I am. May His Kingdom come on earth as it is in Heaven. Let me live this day as His Princess, according to His Word, trusting in His Promises.


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    Welcome to Cronometer @Juliannie!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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    Hello, I'm Linda Marie from Central Kansas. I'm diabetic and my goal is to bring my readings down from the 200-300 (or occasionally worse) readings I've had for way too long. I want to lose 20# and keep it off. I need motivation to improve my food intake and take better care of myself.

    I am 67 years old, work 3 nights a week as night auditor at a local motel (I do love my job). I am organist at my church for last 14 years. I have a volunteer job that takes about 10 hours a month. My main hobby lately is crochet, which I can do as time allows at work. Money is extremely tight so can't afford the better foods so many diets suggest, I'm open for suggestions here.

    My sister suggested I get this app and see if it helps me reach my goals. I look forward to the help this site can give me. Thanks, Linda

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    LindaMarie. Check out
    nutritionfacts.org, http://www.pcrm.org/, https://www.forksoverknives.com/recipes/#gs.PcT2c5Y, https://www.drmcdougall.com/,

    Search for diabetes. Only trust those suggestions that are backed up by good quality research - that is, generally those research projects which are peer-reviewed, published in reputable journals, and which only make claims that they can substantiate.

    Type 2 diabetes can be reversed completely by adopting a whole food plant-based diet (avoiding all added oils, including olive oil). The evidence is there and it is incontrovertible.


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