Is there a way to change the weight of the automated 'full recipe' serving on custom recipes?

So I understand that the way it is done by default is more accurate for nutrients and that I'm meant to use the entries for cooked food, rather than raw to properly reflect the nutrient breakdown during cooking. However, I'm the kind of scrub who really only cares about calories, and not being able to manually enter the final weight of the recipe just slightly bothers me. Truly, how do I manage to get through the day with these huge, first world problems? /s :tongue:

So basically, is there any way to manually alter the weight of the full recipe, or even straight up delete it?

Thanks a lot! :smile:


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    Hello Cheskaz,

    We calculate the weight of the recipe automatically from the ingredients that you add. For that reason, you cannot edit the weight of a recipe.

    When you create your recipe, you can change the calculation to servings based, rather than weight based. Then enter the number of servings per recipe. We will then calculate the weight of a serving by dividing the total recipe by the number of servings. You will still see the weight of a serving, but you don't have to worry about weighing out each portion, if that's not your style.

    You can also change your current recipes to servings based by opening the recipe in the Foods tab. Select the gear icon to Edit a Copy. In the copy, you will have the option to choose serving based again.


    Karen Stark
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