Use cronometer to create a shopping list

I'd like to know what foods I've been eating and/or what I plan to eat. Ideally the app would show a list of foods, without duplicates, appearing in the diary over a given time period. This would be very useful for creating a shopping list. Maybe I missed something but I don't see a way to do this easily. What I can do is export servings (Profile/Account Information/Gear Icon/Export Data) to Excel and in Excel use Data/Remove Duplicates on the Food Name column. That's very useful, but it would be nice to be able to do this within the app. Additionally showing # occurences for each food would be a plus. Thanks!


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    Thank you for your suggestion! Hopefully we will get to this as it has been requested by a number of users!
    The method you outlined that you currently use is a good option! I can also suggest creating "Recipes" in the foods tab. You can then choose the recipe and either screenshot that, or view it on your mobile device. You can export a recipe to an excel file as well by choosing the recipe and selecting "Export to CSV File".

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    Hi Hilary, unfortunately when I "Export to CSV File" I receive a download of my entire recipe WITHOUT the actual ingredients. It downloads all of the nutrients and title of the recipe only. I go to Custom Recipes, next to Add to Diary I click the three dots that give me the option to "Export to CSV File", within the excel spreadsheet it does not list the ingredients. Perhaps there is another way to do this of which you are referring?

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    There are two different things here:
    1 - Export by single recipe. This is useful if one is to go shopping for that specific recipe.
    2 - Export by multiple recipes (or all). This is useful in order to keep a running list of ingredients, akin to a permanent shopping list.

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    How do you select more than one recipe for export? Thanks.

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