Use cronometer to create a shopping list

I'd like to know what foods I've been eating and/or what I plan to eat. Ideally the app would show a list of foods, without duplicates, appearing in the diary over a given time period. This would be very useful for creating a shopping list. Maybe I missed something but I don't see a way to do this easily. What I can do is export servings (Profile/Account Information/Gear Icon/Export Data) to Excel and in Excel use Data/Remove Duplicates on the Food Name column. That's very useful, but it would be nice to be able to do this within the app. Additionally showing # occurences for each food would be a plus. Thanks!


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    Thank you for your suggestion! Hopefully we will get to this as it has been requested by a number of users!
    The method you outlined that you currently use is a good option! I can also suggest creating "Recipes" in the foods tab. You can then choose the recipe and either screenshot that, or view it on your mobile device. You can export a recipe to an excel file as well by choosing the recipe and selecting "Export to CSV File".

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