Is there a video or an explanation somewhere regarding the nutrient balance charts?

I’m in the green zone on some but the white zone on others. It would be helpful to know how these are calculated so I can work on the ones out of balance.

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  • Thank you! That really helps!

  • I'm unclear as to what the dials mean. Here's a photo of mine at this moment. Do I need to eat more of everything on the right-hand side of the dials?!

  • as with noted, above, I'm unclear as to what the dials actually mean. My photo would look the same, and a question would be: Why is the ratio presented as the result of dividing the left by the right? (For instance, Omega 6-3 is 8.22. I don't know how to interpret that, or to operate on it to yield the correct answer, or to even know how to check it to see if it's the correct answer).

    Can you please have someone just change that number to the actual ratio? I truly need to know whether to ADD something or TAKE IT AWAY at a glance, if at all possible. No time for math or chart games, unfortunately. I'm not that smart, and i'm usually running too late to have time, so it's a frustration and an oh! bother! every single time i need that information.

    surprising since everything else is so spot-on!

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