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I do keto, net carbs, with cronometer and a kitchen scale. That part is working very well. I'd like to have the best estimate of caloriies burned. I let google fit count steps but the calorie estimate seems too high so that's transfered into crono's 3 mph walking around an office. I also do cardio and lifting and use crono estimates for those. What's left is making sure I've chosen the right level for BMI. I'm using "none" at the moment but should I be using sedentary? There is a 250 calorie difference. At work, even when not walking I'm doing physical work that burns calories. The reason I'm being so fussy is I restricted calories for 2 months to get rid of some body fat. Now I' like to be eating at a few hundred calorie surplus so there is some energy to get more benefit from strength training and avoid excess calories in the process. So where are those BMI levels documented so I can pick the right one?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. Great program by the way.


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    Oops, I think I meant to say BM"R".

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    Hi Charlie3,

    Your activity level setting is an estimate of the calories you burn throughout the day beyond your basal metabolic rate (BMR), including activities of daily living and exercise.

    We recommend you select None if you are entering in all your daily activity manually or importing your activity from an activity tracking device linked to your Cronometer account.

    The sedentary setting adds calories equal to your BMR x 0.2 this corresponds to little exercise and you are sitting most of the day.

    If you find these levels aren't quite achieving the results you are looking for, we also have the option to enter in your own custom value to add calories burned each day.
    Activity trackers, especially those that monitor your heart rate can give you a more accurate estimate of your calories burned during the day.


    Karen Stark
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