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Hey there! I know you all have lots of developments in the works, but if you have room for another request, I'd really love to see a feature where we can automatically compile all of the identical items in one meal. Allow me to explain:

Due to a preexisting health condition, I have to have small, frequent meals a day. So... for example, I might have 35 grams of oats, and then another 25 grams of oats later in the day and another 30 later. Instead of having all those separate entries, I'd love to have a button that would collapse them all so I could see totals for the day (how much I've eaten of each item). Alternately, you might add a feature on the actual food item within the diary where we can right-click and, say, "Add new serving" and just add the 25grams on top of the original 35.

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    Hi @InkblotJo thanks for the suggestions! We will keep them in mind for future updates!
    A couple of things you can currently do that might help you out:
    1. Add the food to your diary at the beginning of the day, and then instead of adding another entry later on, simply update the serving size directly in the diary to add on the extra gram amout.
    2. You can copy and paste items! Right click (Or Ctrl-click) on a mac to select copy. Then right click again to paste later in that day, in a different diary group or even a different day! Once you have pasted the entry you can edit to reflect an accurate serving size.
    3. Gold users have access to diary groups. Create a diary group for this item (ie. name the diary group "Oats". When you want to see a total amount, Drag and drop those items to one single diary group and select the header. You will then be able to see the breakdown below the diary for only that diary group.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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