Lost all the weight I intended to lose--and I'm keeping it off!

This testimonial is some months overdue.

I reached my weight goal—and I have maintained my weight goal for 6 months now—thanks to Dr. Mercola’s book Fat for Fuel—and the use of Cronometer. I am satisfied that I am eating a healthy regimen for my overall health, not just to maintain my ideal weight.

The major factors that helped me to lose weight are as follows.
1) Cutting carbs (even good carbs) to a maximum of 10 carbs/day or less
2) Recording ALL food intake in Cronometer; monitoring macro nutrients, especially carbs.
3) Keeping my healthy fat intake at the recommended high amount; eating MCT oil, 4 TB/day
4) Intermittent fasting; specifically, skipping breakfast (fasting for 15+ hours) 3-5 days/week.

Note: Exercise was NOT a major factor in my weight loss. I did not have a consistent exercise


Weigh in at 138#. My goal is to lose the extra weight which has been slowly & steadily increasing since I went on full-on menopause fifteen years prior—despite all my “weight loss diet” efforts--and which, as of this date, is about 15 extra pounds. I am 67 years old. I begin a low carb program, with moderate protein. A few weeks into my low-carb regimen, I begin to follow the regimen recommended in “Fat for Fuel.”

Achieve a weight loss of 20# (I exceeded my original weight loss goal of 15#)

Weigh in at 118#. (I weigh myself every Monday morning.)

Thank you, Dr. Mercola! Thank you, Cronometer!


  • Hello Connie,

    Like you, I've been watching the slow weight creeping up on me for the last few years after menopause. I've been playing around with several protocols but have not found one that is a match. At the moment I am following Paleo on Cronometer, but I find I cannot hit all the macros while meeting the carb-protein-fat numbers. Were you able to meet your macros? For the life of me I cannot figure out how to get enough potassium. Also, did you use the "regular" Cronometer or Gold? Many thanks.

  • New to program. Interested in knowing what started/motivated people to start program and to keep to program...sigh...love food

  • Very inspirational Connie. I have trouble to lose any weight exercising every day and fasting for 14-16 hrs daily. I'm following a keto regiment. I'm also a diabetic. My body refuses to burn fat:(. Could you share a sample of your menu? What kind of protein did you prefer? Thank you

  • Hello Barashaka,

    I was having same issues and I’m diabetic too. Just started Keto. Still don’t know how would it go..

  • Hi, Barashaka,

    I just saw the email notifying me that you had asked a question.

    My schedule is very full today.
    I have made a note for me to respond to you as soon as I have a free hour.

    Thanks for your question. Be well!☺

  • Thank you ConnieSC. I'm losing my MOJO:)at this time. Need all the support I can get.
    Very frustrated. Good luck Janna.

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