Net carbs displaying incorrectly on diary

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Hi, I’m doing keto and have set my macronutrients to 75g protein, 20g carbs, 125g fat but they are displaying inaccurately on the diary. It’s showing my carbs as 30g for the goal and fat is only 85g. How can I adjust this? Thanks.


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    Hi LaurenM,

    Sounds like you would like to set fixed targets for your macronutrients.
    There are 2 different ways you can define your Macronutrient Targets in Cronometer.

    1. Fixed targets - macro targets remain the same each day
      In the Macronutrient Targets section you can choose 'Fixed Targets'
      Then in the Nutritional Targets section, you can set custom gram targets for your macronutrients.

    2. Dynamic Targets - set a ratio of macronutrients to consume each day
      Choose one of the preset dynamic macronutrient targets (High Fat/Ketogenic, Even, Zone, Paleo) to define the ratio of macros. Or set a custom ratio.
      These targets will be dynamically calculated each day based on your calories burned, so you may have a different target each day.


    Karen Stark
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