"Locking in" previous macro values

As I tweak my macros and calorie limit to respond to changes in my weight and/or activity level, I would prefer not to have the new values erase and replace the macros and calorie limit I had in the past. The way it is now, viewing reports of past days is very inaccurate. Ideally, I would be able to respond to a prompt that asked whether or not I want the past to stay as it was. Which brings up a question: what is the purpose of check-marking a day as Complete? I thought maybe that would lock in the day's macro goals, but it doesn't.


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    Hello @Rejuvenated ,

    We are currently looking into improving how changing your current targets will affect past reports.

    We included the "Mark Day Complete'' option so you can mark a day complete that has a full diary in it. The advantage of this option is that when you look at your graphs in the ''Trends'' tab, you will have the option to look at only days that are complete. This will only look at the "complete" days and give you averages on them. It excludes the "not complete" days that do not have full data or that may be empty, thus not affecting the averages.


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    That's helpful, thanks!

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