Pre-planning my meals on Cronometer

I realized that I can put the foods that I want to have in any following days and just put a zero value for the amount. Maybe everyone else already knew this, lol. I knew I could put the foods but always put an amount of what I hoped to eat. It's really good for me because I am trying to plan 3 days in advance and do a food rotation so that I'll be eating the same thing basically for 3 days and then change to something else. Normally I record stuff after I eat to make sure I get the values correct but now my total nutrition values and calories, etc, will show zero until I put the correct amount in. So I can write out 2 or 3 days in advance and add the values as I go along.

I can also change something to a zero temporarily that I have actually eaten if I want to see what a different food would have done to the totals for just a moment and then change it back. For example, if I had sweet potato but wanted to see what would have happened if I'd had brown potatoes instead, rather than delete the sweet potato and then put it back, I can just change it to zero for a moment and then put the correct value back again.

That may have been obvious to everyone but I'm really chuffed that I can do this. I'm using my favorites list more efficiently too and that makes things a lot quicker.


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    I've still been doing this a lot and it's really helping me. I pre-do the day before, add all the foods I want to eat with the amounts I want and as the day progresses put things to zero if I didn't eat them. I can p;ut the ones I haven't eaten at the bottom under a "note" saying I haven't eaten them yet. So that I don't get confused.
    I have a lot of stress and stuff so I make plans and then often forget what I was doing. This gives me an outline I can follow or adjust.

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    This is so awesome and something I ask all of my clients to do, regardless of their health goals. Pre-planning your meals helps to put some structure around your day and makes it more likely that you make informed eating decisions. Keep up the great work!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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