I make homemade lemonade by squeezing real lemons. I leave in as much pulp as possible. I do NOT add sugar. COM shows homemade lemonade having tons of sugar. Where does this sugar come from? Does everybody sweeten their lemonade with processed white sugar? ? If so, how much is added? I guess I have to make a custom entry for only lemon juice and water? BTW, there are many lemonades from which to choose on COM with artificial sweeteners and Dr. Mercola is adamant that they are not good for you. So much for healthy eating!!!


  • Hi gearup328_2619,

    The lemonade listing is a prepared juice with added sugar. The prepared recipes and meals listed in the USDA and NCCDB database are meant to represent the average preparation in the US. I use these types of foods in my diary when I eat foods prepared by friends and family and I do not know the exact recipe. At least I will have entered the food into my diary even if I don't know exactly what is in it. When I prepare recipes myself, I like to create a custom recipe in Cronometer so I can be more accurate with the ingredients and proportions that I add.

    There are other listings that might be more appropriate for you if you are not adding sugar to your lemonade. You could add Lemon Juice, Raw or maybe even Lemons, Raw if you are consuming the pulp as well.


    Karen Stark
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  • I think lemonade by definition is sweetened. What you're drinking, as Karen said, is lemon (juice)!

  • Thanks Vickie. I just used 3 lemons with pulp per gallon of water. Sugar is everywhere. Try getting unsweetened tea in South Carolina. Well, don't.

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