Nutrients in Mae Ploy products wrong

The nutrients in Mae Ploy "green curry paste" and "massaman paste" do not correspond to label.


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    edited May 2018

    Hi Lolinda,

    If you find a food that does not have the up-to-date nutrition information our curation team is here to fix it for you! To submit an issue with a food, select the food from the search results to open the serving dialogue box. To see more nutrition information about the food click the link "x nutrients listed"

    This will open the food in the food editor to show you the nutrients listed for that food. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and click "Report Issue" Tell the curation team what the problem is and attach photos of the product label and they will correct the item.

    Thanks for your help in keeping our database up-to-date!


    Karen Stark
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    will do.

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