My calculation of Macros Vs Cronometer's Caclulations

Guys, I am having a Goal of Carbs 25% Protine 35% and Fat 40% of my 155-pound weight.
My Calculation says I need 88 gms of Carbs, 123 gms of Protine and 62 grams of Fat.
I entered the same into Chronometer and this what I am getting
Calories 1601 (i entered 1400 for BMR) not sure where this number is coming from.
Protine 140 g, Net Carbs 100 gms and Fat is 71.2 grams.
Can someone please help me understand whats happening? My Fitness Pal is doing the same calculations as mine, except it does not show the Net Carbs sucks.

Thank you


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    Have you set your Activity Level to something else other than "None"? Are you logging your exercises or syncing a fitness app to your account? If you want to eat to your BMR of 1400 only, then try changing the Activity Level (field is right under BMR) to "None" and make sure there are no negative energy (e.g. exercises) on your diary log, and see if the numbers come out to what you expect?

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    @Sudhasetty , make sure you are entering these as fixed tagets and not a dynamic ratio! It's a common mistake!
    By setting your Macronutrient target settings to "Custom", your macronutrient targets will be dynamic, meaning they will change based on other factors such as exercise, biometrics and foods eaten in the day. Setting your targets in this section means setting a ratio, not setting gram amount targets of each macronutrient. To set your macronutrient targets as a numeric value, select "Fixed Targets" in the "Macronutrient Targets" section of your profile page. Then, in the "Nutritional Targets" section of the profile page (Bottom Left) enter your desired target range in each of the corresponding Tabs.

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