My Calculations Vs Chronometers with Macros

Guys, I am having a Goal of Carbs 25% Protine 35% and Fat 40% of my 155-pound weight.
My Calculation says I need 88 gms of Carbs, 123 gms of Protine and 62 grams of Fat.
I entered the same into Chronometer and this what I am getting
Calories 1601 (i entered 1400 for BMR) not sure where this number is coming from.
Protine 140 g, Net Carbs 100 gms and Fat is 71.2 grams.
Can someone please help me understand whats happening? My Fitness Pal is doing the same calculations as mine, except it does not show the Net Carbs sucks.


  • Hi Sudhasetty,

    There are two different ways you can set up your macronutrient targets. It looks like you have chosen a custom dynamic macronutrient setting. The custom ratio or protien: carbs:fat (35:25:40) that you have chosen will calculate your macronutrient targets each day to achieve the ratio of macros based on your BMR + calories burned (activity), as well as your weight loss goal, if you have chosen one. So add the first two numbers, then subtract the calories required to achieve your weight loss goal, then multiply your ratios to find how Cronometer has calculated your macro targets.

    If I roughly back calculate your values, I get:
    140 g protein x 4 kcal/g / 0.35 = 1600 kcal
    100 g Net Carbs x 4 kcal/g / 0.25 = 1600 kcal
    71.2 g Fat x 9 kcal/g / 0.40 = 1602 kcal

    Therefore, your energy target looks to be about 1600 kcal when you include BMR, activity and weight goal.

    I hope that helps!


    Karen Stark
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  • Hi Karen. I need some clarification please. Please confirm the settings for me. Rigorous Keto setting, weight 142.6 lbs, height 5' 7", lightly active. My Crono shows - Protein - 47 grams, Net Carbs - 20 , Fat - 176.4 grams. I am having trouble getting up to the fat grams and find it easy to go over the carbs and protein. I am a little bit worried about losing anymore weight and would just like to maintain where I am. Also, being a cancer patient I am concerned that I am getting enough protein but not too much. Cheers and thank you.

  • Hi Basil9,

    We have based these settings on those recommended by Miriam Kalamian in her book Keto for Cancer. Keep in mind that nutrition is individual and each person is different, so you will have to find what works best for you. Are you working with a health care professional on your diet plan during this time? They can help you create your diet plan and make sure you are getting everything you need.

    Best of luck,

    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Hi and thanks Karen. I have Miriam's book 'Keto for Cancer' and am working within her guidelines as laid out in the book. I had noticed a response in one of the forums ion this site where someone had stated to use pounds instead of kilograms when calculating the protein grams and hinted that it was a problem with the software.
    I will try to find it and forward it to you. Cheers and thanks again for the response.

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