2 Issues with barcode scanner on Android

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Device: Pixel XL
Android Version: 8.0.1
Cronometer version: 2.0.9 (free)

1) After scan, it takes forever for it to enter into my diary. Sometimes it doesn't at all. The status icon just spins and spins and I have to force close the app and add it manually
2) Scanned food often adds 1/10 of calories. It doesn't do this for all foods, but if something is 100kcal or 50 kcal it will add it as 100.1 or 50.1


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    Hi DustinDeWinn,

    Thanks for letting us know. We will work on a fix to add servings of a food to your diary after using the barcode scanner.

    For issue #2, product labels in the USA will round the values on the nutrition label, whereas some scanned products will have the non-rounded nutrient values. That may explain why you see it for some foods, but not others.


    Karen Stark
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