Where do you log in your current weight so it can be tracked ?

I'm new and can't find where to log-in my current weight since I have lost 2 pounds and I would like to keep track of my weight loss on a weekly basis. There seems like there should be an easy place to do this.


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    Just hit the "Add Biotmetric" button, and then use the little scroll bar on the next screen and set it to "weight" I love my weight chart--- down 24 pounds!! You can also keep track of your blood pressure here, or your waist size. Really nice to see that waist go down over time!! Good luck

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    PS The "Add biometric "button is located at the top middle of the main page, -- it is a purple color. After you have hit the Add Biotmetric button, you can also hit the "plus" button to add your own unique biometric to the pull down menu. I added "Walking Minutes" so that I can get a nice chart of my daily walking, along with charts of my weight loss, blood pressure and waist size. Just start by using the pull down menu to find Weight, and then fill your weight in the empty box, and hit "add measurement," to include your daily weight in your database.

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    Welcome to Cronometer @Freckles!
    Just like @CarlaFreddy says you can add your weight however often you like by selecting "Add Biometric" in your Diary.
    You can also set a weight or weight loss/gain/maintain goal. In the Profile Tab on your web browser you can add your information in the weight Goal section (if you add a Biometric it will automatically be updated here). You can select a weight goal target and rate of weight loss for your goal. When you select "Show Weight Goal in Diary" Cronometer will indicate how many Calories you have consumed/ have left until you reach your maximum for the day.
    Have fun!

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