Newbies Seeking 100% targets

To those new and seeking 100% here is something relatively easy and budget friendly

The split I am using is P-40, C-40, F-20 with a 100 calorie deficit, change 0.25 cup walnuts to 0.5 cup walnuts to maintain, (assuming a 2500 calorie total).

2 cup of Navy Beans, Cooked from Dried (2 cups after cooking)
2 cup Chicken Breast
0.5 cup Brown Rice (0.5 cup before cooking)
0.25 cup walnuts
1 carrot, raw, 6"
1 banana, 7" - 8"
2 cup Almond Milk
2 eggs
2 cup Spinach
1 400 IU D3 vitamin (i.e. vitamin D)
0.25 tsp salt

I hope this helps.


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    I just tried this on my diary for fun. It's pretty close, but vitamin C seems to be short at only 70% for my RDA even using the highest vitamin-C-providing spinach version (cooked from fresh). But throw in a medium orange and it's all good!

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    Just throw in some bell pepper with this chicken almond milk banana ramen.

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