Biggest flaw in this platform by far is the inability to save custom exercises. I almost left Crono to go back to MFP (gag) because of this. I figured out a workaround, but it's still a pain in the ass. Make this your top priority!!


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    While this isn't my top priority, I would also find this helpful!

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    I would like this feature as well to add calories burned calculated by elliptical/treadmill from the gym.

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    Great. Seriously if you can raise your tracking of exercises up to the same level of functionality that you have for nutrition that would definitely make this the best platform out there. Also please add some kind of functionality that accounts for body weight in calculating calories burned. Something like this at MFP, but integrated into the application AND with the ability to add Custom Exercises. http://www.mapmyfitness.com/improve/calorie_calculator/

    One of the problems with many of the exercise databases is that they are often not up to date with the latest trends in training. Stuff like kettle bell and trx workouts are generally not accounted for. Things like 40 yard dash, 3 cone drill, pro agility drill, agility ladder...all the standard training drill for football are no where to be found. We have to take educated guesses to enter values for things like this. SO MANY people are training in ways that are not standardized. Having the best app to help us figure out and enter how much we athletes are burning would be a big boon.

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    Also please add some kind of functionality that accounts for body weight in calculating calories burned

    FYI, we do already use body weight in the exercise system.

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    I am wanting to add custom exercises - has this been added? Can't seem to figure it out - THANKS!

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    Hi @amyworksout, You can add custom Exercises on the web version only at this time. Select 'Add Exercise' and enter the details in the fields provided.

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    There is a workaround to "sort of" get you this feature:

    Pick a date where you don't log. In my case, it's 1/1, because I don't log new year's day.

    Add all of your custom exercises that day.

    When you want to log that exercise again, go to that date and copy the chosen entry to today.

    It's OK, but not great. If you adjust today's minutes, it won't scale up or down calories automatically, so you have to have entries for not only your common exercises, but their durations as well...


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