Add P/C/F as a diary last column option

I'm mainly interested in the protein/carb/fat distribution in my meals. It would be great to be able to show this as the last column in the diary, and especially in the group subtotals. For example, show "27/77/21" for 27g protein, 77g net carbs and 21g fat. Or maybe "27-77-21" would be easier to read.


  • I agree. I would like the option to have more than one column shown as the last column. This would be helpful for those of us on Keto. Thanks!

  • I was about to suggest this but figured others had already mentioned it, so I had to go looking! I couldn't agree more! I like how myfitnesspal will allow me to flip my phone sidways and allow me to see the calorie AND macro breakdown for each meal. They even give you a 5th row to display whichever micronutrient you happen to be most interested.

    I really just want the cals and macro breakdowns though.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! In general, we try to keep our diary area clean and concise. For this reason we will leave a single column in the diary view. Keep in mind, you can edit the item you see in the last column of your diary to meet your needs.

    You can see a breakdown of your macronutrient targets in the Calories summary area of your diary page. To make the macronutrient summary visible select the gear icon in the top right corner of the calories summary section and tick the box next to 'Show full macronutrient breakdown.

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  • Hi Hilary, I like clean and concise as well. Please note the suggestion is for a single column with values that should be no longer than 11 characters in length if the component P/C/F values are rounded ("nnn/nnn/nnn"). This is less than some column labels, such as "Monounsaturated".

  • @sfsccn Thanks for the suggestion! We will keep it in mind for future updates!

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    In my opinion adding a column in the diary log for P/F/C (and still keep the Calories column too) would be ideal, and wouldn't add too much visual clutter if you formatted it as simply 3 numbers separated by slashes.

    chicken breast --- 3 --- oz --- 130 --- 31/1/0

    i don't think that would add too much visual clutter, and the diary page is such an in-your-face dose of densely-packed information already, that I don't think it would be out of style. (btw, that is a compliment not a criticism!)

    this would enable you to very quickly scan your diary for which items added the most of which macro, although I realize there are multiple other ways to get this information on the page (mouse-over each macro to get the breakdown). But that involves performing some action (mouseover) instead of being able to just quickly glance at the main diary table.

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