Tracking Veggies

I'm terrible at eating vegetables. It would be nice to be able to track vegetables per day


  • I love cronometer and it has made a valuable contribution to my nutritional awareness and wellbeing. Tracking fruit and vegetable servings would be a helpful addition for sure. The government recommends 5 servings as a minimum, but some research indicates 8 or more servings has a dramatic impact on mood. I could sure use some assistance tracking my efforts to get those 8+ servings!

  • My own issue isn't with eating enough servings of vegetables, but eating enough variety!

  • An estimated total of fruit/veg servings would help me as well. I often combine small amounts of several different vegetables and even with good logging, it is hard to estimate total servings to see how often I meet my goal (8-9 total) without looking up details like how much bell pepper counts as a serving, etc.

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