Tracking Veggies

I'm terrible at eating vegetables. It would be nice to be able to track vegetables per day


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    I love cronometer and it has made a valuable contribution to my nutritional awareness and wellbeing. Tracking fruit and vegetable servings would be a helpful addition for sure. The government recommends 5 servings as a minimum, but some research indicates 8 or more servings has a dramatic impact on mood. I could sure use some assistance tracking my efforts to get those 8+ servings!

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    My own issue isn't with eating enough servings of vegetables, but eating enough variety!

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    An estimated total of fruit/veg servings would help me as well. I often combine small amounts of several different vegetables and even with good logging, it is hard to estimate total servings to see how often I meet my goal (8-9 total) without looking up details like how much bell pepper counts as a serving, etc.

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    I was just thinking about this today. It would be so useful if I could set a target weight of vegetables or meat or whatever.

    For example, I'm trying to get 100 grams (or less) of meat every day (not protein), and 800 grams (or more) of vegetables each day. And it's easy to count those if I enter the individual foods, but when I batch cook (necessary for me to eat homemade foods with my work schedule) I input recipes.

    If every ingredient fell into an overreaching "food group" category, it would be so easy to limit or target various food groups. And it could even double as a way to manage the diabetic exchange diet. Not as popular now as it used to be, but a great way to manage carb counts on the fly.

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