Help Unlink FitBit

I need to unlink a FitBit that I linked to Cronometer. If I go to Connect devices and choose Unlink FitBit, the FitBit appears to unlink. However, once I log out and then back into Cronometer, the FitBit is connected again.

This is a friend's FitBit that I linked just to test functionality. Always intended to unlink it immediately but now can't accomplish that.

Help?! 😃


  • Hi @Lima ,
    Thanks for reporting this issue! Would you mind emailing some more details to our support email? I tried to reproduce this on my account but it seems to be working for me! You can also go to your fitbit account and choose settings> Applications and choose 'Revoke access' next to Cronometer.

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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