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I just downloaded this app, and put in my weight, age, height, etc...and I am having a hard time trying to figure out the right balance for fat, protein, and carbs. I am attempting a low carb diet, and when I did the keto calculator online it said i need 107 g of fat, 87 g of protein and 25 g of carbs, but that is way different from what this app is telling me. Can someone help me please:)


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    Hi mdavine21,

    There are a few levels to choose from when you use the High Fat/Ketogenic setting in Cronometer. There are rigorous settings for those following a ketogenic diet for therapeutic reasons (epilepsy, cancer, etc.), as well as moderate and relaxed presets which incorporate more protein and carbs.

    If you have already calculated the amount of protein and carbs for your daily intake, you can also choose a Custom setting. Then you can enter your custom values for protein and carbs, and Cronometer will calculate the rest of your calories from fat.

    Keep in mind Cronometer will calculate protein per kg lean body mass, so you may need to do a calculation to figure out the value to enter in the protein field.


    Karen Stark
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