This is a vital addition to the foods data for those of us with chronic health issues caused by sugars, inflammation, etc. Please, please, please.


  • I agree yes!!

  • I also agree that this function would be SO worthwhile - could the developers please consider.

    And a big thank you to everyone at Cronometer; this product is simply amazing and has changed our families eating patterns for the better. We are losing weight and stabilising blood sugars!

    I am constantly recommending Cronometer to everyone

  • This would be very useful and should definitively be considered!

  • GI/GL is (are) not only vital for those concerned about blood glucose level, but also important to maintain healthy cholesterol profile. I have come to the conclusion that this functionality is of cardinal importance!
    Any possibility to give a priority to the inclusion of this feature ?

  • Thanks for your feedback everyone! It is on our list of feature requests.
    We will look into a source for this information.


    Karen Stark
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  • Thank you Karen for your attention, trust you will not run into roadblocks locating and implementing this feature.

  • Thank you Karen! It would be extremely useful data if you could add that

  • This would be great. Insulin Index would also be a fantastic (related) feature.

  • yrs I would love this


  • Adding my vote to cronometer tracking glycemic load

  • Totally support. While I recognize that the data sets are not as authoritative as those for macro and micro nutrients, the benefit of having gycemic index as a field and glycemic load as a calculated variable would be immense - as others have noted above. Please prioritize.

  • Great idea - particularly Gylcemic Load

  • adding the glycemic index of foods to Cronometer Gold?

    Please see the recent discussion in the forum under the topic above for why adding glycemic index to Cronometer would be very helpful to many users. Once the index is available for each food item, the glycemic load can be calculated based upon net carbs for each food item. At present, one can make an approximate estimate of your load by averaging the index across the foods in your meal. Having the index for each food item would allow a user to get a much closer estimate of their load.

    Hope this is considered a worthy and feasible item for prioritizing new features.

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