Has anyone been able to use cronometer to make balanced home prepared foods for pets?


  • Hello @MJM ,

    You can always create an account with your pet's e-mail address. However keep in mind that pets do not have the same nutritional requirements and basal metabolic rates as us humans, and that Cronometer has default values set for humans. We don't have any nutrient targets set for animals.

    The good thing is that you can create custom nutrient targets in Cronometer (as well as custom metabolic rates)! Simply click on the nutrient target bar in your summary to set custom values for your pet.


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  • I have a side account on Cronometer where I keep a rough record of what my dog eats, but that's about it. I don't look at things like daily %, calories remaining, etc.


  • Thanks for your response Vickie. I am especially concerned about getting the calcium to magnesium ratio right for my pets.

  • Thanks for your help Marie-Eve. I will try to set up the custom nutrient targets. Will the weight and height entries foul things up?

  • Calcium to phosphorous ratio is the thing I should be watching for my dog. If Cronometer eventually roll out the custom ratio feature (someone requested here:, that would really come in handy!

    Good on you for preparing your own food for your pet by the way, @MJM !


  • @MJM

    Cronometer was not designed for pets, so BMR calculations, weight loss/gain calculations, etc. will not suit your pets. Like mentioned previously, you can set custom nutrient targets for your pet and use Cronometer to follow their nutrient intake and ensure they are meeting the targets you've set. We unfortunately don't have the option to set custom ratios (yet).


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  • Thanks so much!

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    I use this supplement for my cat's homemade food and they have a recipe generator on their site to make sure the food is balanced. But then I add the recommended amount of powdered supplement to his food. They have it for dog food too. Do you add a supplement? This site is for cooked food. There are others for raw.

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