Can I search only for days I inserted information in the app?

Let me try to explain it better: Im trying to find my old data, the info I stored in my daily diary some X years ago. I dont know in which days I have fed my diary with data, so id like a way to know the days where there is information stored, the days I have added meals, exercises, anythying. Is that possible?


  • Hi gxmc,

    You could achieve this by logging into your account on our website:

    Click on the green date banner to expand a calendar. You can use the arrows above the calendar to jump back a month or year at a time. Days on which you've got some data entered will appear a light green, so you could scan for those days.

    A quicker option would be to export your data in the Settings tab. Click on the Account sub-tab and scroll down to the Account Data section.
    Use the orange Export Data button. Choose the time range "All Time" this will get all the data you've logged in the past, or you can narrow it down if you want to look in a specific date range. Then Export Daily Nutrition. This will generate a .csv file with nutrition for each date. You can find out all the dates you've logged data in the past.

    Karen Stark
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  • Exporting the cvs did the trick, thank you!

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