Diary Search Function

Currently, there are no ways to search the diary page other than line by line inspection. Providing a "search engine" for the diary page would be a time saver. Particularly for those of us that maintain a very large multi-page diary. Thus, we request that such search capability to be provided by the Cronometer team.


  • YES! I was thinking of this before but forgot about it.

    I use an app to track workouts, and when you select an exercise, you can swipe over and view the entire history of that exercise. It's really handy.

    I recorded a quick screengrab here: https://youtube.com/shorts/JR6v7KcinN0

  • I also vote for this capability to be added as soon as possible.

    Including the search for text strings within the notes.

  • ME TOO Search function, please!

  • Obviously there is a database involved already, so paid subscribers, at a minimum, should be able to find past entries (including Notes) more easily.

    For me it'd especially be useful for finding the last time I went to a certain restaurant and laboriously figured out credible entries for what I ate. Then I can select the applicable entries and copy them to today.

    Right now I have to search my e-mail for past credit card receipts from the restaurant or delivery service and then go back to Cronometer and then look on the date of the receipt, etc.

    For items that are delivered and I have an opportunity to weigh, it'd also be amazing if Cronometer would tell me the sizes of all or recent past entries, as well as average size (which is helpful when I can't weigh something).

    Computers are great at this kind of thing! So let's hope the humans in charge add such features.

  • +1 we really need this. I have a custom food that I’ve used once somewhere, and cannot find it. I don’t want to retire it, I just want to delete it, and replace where it is with a much better custom recipe I built.

  • I would also love to see this feature!

    Another use case not mentioned so far (although touched on by @HungryBiker's comment), is that as a long time user I have often discovered or added a more representative version of a food than one I have used previously, or I have discovered that the weight/volume measurements for an item are inaccurate. e.g the weight of 1 cup of chopped coriander/cilantro is listed as 16g, which is far too low (I suspect this is actually the weight of one cup of whole stalks of coriander!), but when I first started using the app I didn't realise that, so all of my early entries using this ingredient (which is something I use fairly often) are incorrect. If I could search for this food easily, I could go back and edit previous items much more easily. The same goes for foods where I have previously used an existing food item but have later created a custom recipe or food, and would like to go back and replace previous entries with the more accurate/detailed version of the food.

  • And, short of full search, even if we could add a bookmark or tag to a day or a meal or a note, or be able to search notes, we could probably find things more easily. Something as simple as adding hashtags to notes would help me (e.g., "#restaurant-name")

  • Please add this. It's a surprising missing feature and judging by all the posts here on the forums about it, a lot of people miss it. Me, I use it because after I've carefully figured out once the right entry for a difficult item (dried canary beans) I don't want to have to start over and look again next time I make the same food.

  • I would like to see an easier way to add food to the diary. MyFitnessPal has a plus sign (+) next to each food listed so you can just hit it and it will be added to your diary. You can also tap the food and make changes to it.

  • Please fix this. Let us search for previous items, and also view them on a calendar, or list previous dates. Being unable to go back and see when I ate certain things is a huge pain. Greatly diminished the value of entering everything.

  • Please please please add this function. I often wish I could find when I last used a food or a recipe.

    Thank you

  • Please implement this, we need it!

  • ... and we know there's already a database underneath all of this (how could there not be?).

    Case in point: Every time you update a Custom Food that has been used before the app asks whether you want to also update all X prior entries, so clearly surfacing a detail of those past linked entries is merely a programming exercise, not a structural problem.

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