Mix vs As Prepared Values

Hello, I used the search function but didn't hit any results.

If I scan a bar code on an item, it shows the "mix" values however I really will be weighing and eating the "as prepared" item. How can I quickly make an adjustment without having to do the math? Is there a hidden setting?


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    Hi @bocboc

    If we do not have the "as prepared" nutrition values, you can:

    1. Create a custom food with the "as prepared" values on the nutrition label
      How to create a custom food: https://cronometer.com/help/foods/#addfood

    2. Submit an issue with the food. If you have added the food to your diary, tap the food to open it, then tap More Details under the Calorie Breakdown. Tap the ! icon in the top right corner to report an issue. Our curation team will review the food to add a prepared version of the product, with the photos of the label you provide.



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