Be Happy with Slower Progress

Best advice I've read since I started weight loss, "Be Happy with Slower Progress".

Changing my plan to:

  • Intermittent Fasting, 16 hour's per day
  • Daily Aerobics Walking < Aerobic Threshold LIMIT
  • Cold Exposure
  • Daily Hot Tub
  • Daily strength training
  • Food portion control

I'm reading that staying below my Aerobic Limit will oxidize my fat the most efficiently. That means walking at a fast pace, or very slow jog. I'm currently walking off 200 calories every day for the next three months to test this theory. I'm also doing target muscle strength training every. All low impact and I have to say, quite fun and injury free. I'll post results here in about three months, either :) or :/

Will see.

Harry - Just a 68 year old male running for his life.


  • :) Well, what can I say? It's working.
    I picked up a digital tape measure and I'm reducing my spare tire by about a tenth of an inch per day. Down one inch already from 10 days ago. Making slow but steady progress every day. Cronometer is helping.

    The goal is to make it a habit for 90 days and see what the final results are.

    Harry - Just a 68 year old male running for his life.

  • I've never heard of a digital tape measure.

    Which one do you use?

    The main thing that has been holding me back from using a tape measure is the hassle of wrapping, counting, and math. I hate math. But I can deal with just wrapping the tape measure around me, if the device takes care of the numbers for me.

    Congrats on your progress!

  • Checking in and past my deadline of 90 days, but I'm happy to report that the tape measure says I've melted 4 inches off my waist. Huge win for a LOSER like myself. Don't trust the scale, it lies. The tape tells no lies and it can be trusted. I'm now just about 4 pounds from my weight goal. I don't know what my waist size should be but I will know when I hit my weight goal.

    Harry - Just a 68 year old male running for his life.

  • I've found that even inaccurate scales can be trusted, but only with the trend. Looks like you're doing great.

    Pillage, then burn.

  • Wow, I'm amazed that you managed to lose weight in winter! I find winter weight gain to be as certain as death and taxes. It's the season for eating more and exercising less.

    Weight loss is for the warmer months, which bring a smaller appetite and more chances to exercise.

  • I believe counting the calories works year around. Sticking to whole foods and avoiding processed foods, sugar, and seed oils works best for me.

    Harry - Just a 68 year old male running for his life.

  • +1 for trusting the tape measure over the scale. Why do we think of losing weight anyway when no one ever said “I want to lose some of this excess muscle!” Or intracellular water, for that matter. Isn’t fat pretty much the only thing anyone really wants to lose? Smaller and heavier would be fine.

    I would be happy to gain 5 lbs if it were all muscle. But gaining 5 lbs of muscle takes work. Gaining 5lbs of fat is completely effortless!

  • @20thcenturyfox You are so correct! Well said!

    It took me a very long time to realize that food determines weight and that exercise builds strength. I continue to lose weight by eating right and I limit my exercise to reduce injury. I have lost more belly fat by eating right than I ever have by exercise.

    Thank you for your comment.

    Harry - Just a 68 year old male running for his life.

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    @I_ROBOT Congratulations on you 90 day journey....4 inches off your waist is major! You are a winner...not a "loser" and you earned that 4 inches it didn't "melt off". Yes, food is everything! If my food is right my body hums. I also love the results of weight training. Kudos on your revelation and keep the progress going ...great inspiration 👍🏼

  • @I_ROBOT Thanks for the discovery of Renpho...I just checked where I can buy. What a great idea to keep track of measurements. I don't mind using a regular tape, but what a treat to not have to record...brilliant idea. Any tool that helps me achieve my goals is a treasure!

  • @I_ROBOT I just noticed your list of priorities to reach your goals. I agree and incorporate your strategies. If sounds as if you are familiar with Wim Hof (i.e., cold therapy). I use his breathing technique to start my day ( Wim Hof's Guided Breathing Technique on You Tube)...only takes a few minutes and the difference in my focus/energy in my workouts is noticeable. Just thought you might be interested in this gem.

  • @Phoenix4life

    The RENPHO has a couple of problems.
    1. It eats batteries. After a measurement, I remove the battery to extend it's life.
    2. The app is not reliable and the Bluetooth connection may not work.

    Other than those two issues, it seems to work fine.

    Best of luck!

    Harry - Just a 68 year old male running for his life.

  • @I_ROBOT Thanks for the feedback on the Renpho. Hope you are continuing on your successful health journey into the New Year!

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