Fast food nutrition-without bread/buns/etc.

I'm on a ketogenic diet (standard keto 20g or less of carbs daily) I have kids. Occasionally I need a fast food trip between after school robotics, chess club, ballet, guitar, and dance class some days I'm not looking dinner. You can still eat keto you just have to be smart. Example I want to eat am egg McMuffin, no muffin just egg sausage and cheese, or an open taco from Taco Bell, or open roast beef from Arby's etc, I'm not seeing a way to document that food without those added bun/bread/tortilla carbs.

Is this possible and I'm missing it?


  • Hello @KetoRoth

    Try searching for each restaurant ingredient separately. For example, "McDonald's, Sausage Patty" and "McDonald's, Egg". However, we do not have each individual restaurant ingredient listed in our database.

    Another approach is to use generic versions of these restaurant items. For example, "Pork sausage, link/patty" with "Eggs, Cooked" and a slice of "American Cheese, Processed". O

    Way to make these trips fit in to your nutrition goals!


    Karen Stark
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  • I've always thought that would be a killer feature for a food tracker - to be able to log negative calories - like log Egg McMuffin, then log negative English muffin.

  • Great idea @bluedove !

    You can do this with Cronometer! Add the food English Muffin to your diary with a -1 serving size and these nutrients will be subtracted from your diary for the day.


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  • This is a GREAT feature. So glad I found this exchange of info as I need just what bluedove does, the ability to remove items for fast food package deal. Thanks so much.

  • How do we make a - symbol in the app?

    Im having the same issue for when i eat hamburgers protein style.

  • @JohnRichard

    This depends on your phone and the keyboard settings that you may have, whether the numeric keyboard allows you to input a -symbol in the serving size.

    Karen Stark
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  • I’m struggling super hard to modify stuff from your database if I try to add a “negative” bun my iPhone doesn’t allow me no input a “minus” sign. Any ideas?

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    Someone helped me with this a while back, in Settings-Diary Settings, change your Keyboard Type to Full rather than Numeric. You will get the full keyboard when inputting food quantities and be able to use the "-" minus sign.

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  • Thanks. I did find it after a good hour and half or thinking of ideas.

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