Feedback and Requests on cosmetic changes in beta

I'm a habitual Cronometer user. I log everything everyday and closely monitor my micro-nutrients so am firing up Cronometer 20+ times on either tablet or phone daily. I'll use web site if I'm already on computer. Have some requests and suggestions.

First, I have officially log my dislike of the new color scheme, fonts, and layout. Ugh, please consider adding a theme option for gold members so we can elect the classic theme vs. this new one. Particular complaints (my personal opinion of course):


New Beta:

  1. Where is the bold green and orange colors that I immediately associate w/Cronometer? I get the material theme but the new scheme is shades of grey and lifeless
  2. The color intensity is so much duller in new scheme
  3. The pictures, graphics and buttons are so flat and lifeless too, like an old VB6 app from 90's.
  4. The font is smaller and lighter so harder to read
  5. There way too much white-space everywhere so even with smaller font, you can see less information on the screen vertically!
  6. The alternating light grey striping is too light in new scheme to help


  • I agree. I'd welcome a dark theme, too.

  • A true dark or black theme that took advantage of OLED battery savings would be great. I do enable dark mode for any apps that support it.

  • Dark mode would be welcome and Google is pushing for dark modes in pie. But I still want my "classic"green and orange Cronometer theme.

  • I agree.
    1. Definitely not the best font, hard to read.
    2. The shadowing on the top banner is distracting.
    3. Like the new food icons.
    4. The lines on the pie charts, possible too thin.
    5. Not sure about dark mode, not always my selection but would be a welcome option.

  • I've been enjoying the new theme and UI elements. I think it's cleaner and easier to read, as well as adhering more to Android design standards. It's a personal thing though, what we perceive as pleasant or not.

    +1 on a dark mode, think it'd go rather well with the Cronometer orange.

  • Honestly, I'm very surprised there is no dark theme. It seems like a must have for most apps.

  • Some people have light sensitivity during migraines or just as a general rule because of Myalgic Encephamyilitis or other chronic illness. We pretty much rely on dark mode everywhere to not trigger a headache. I think Dark Mode is definitely a must have on everything.

  • thanks for your feedback @Suyeta_R0se much appreciated :)

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  • I agree there should be a theme option for gold members, lose it has this option and it’s amazing.


  • Agreed on the dark mode. My 4K TV is my computer monitor. My TV auto adjusts for ambient light, and when I switch from any dark site or image in the evening to cronometer, it's not just's intense white until the TV catches up and dims itself.

  • I'm not a fan of Chronometer because I find the font size way too small to read anything. For those of us with bad eyes, it puts tremendous strain on my eyes to try and read. Please consider enlarging the font size on your App! I'm sure there are plenty of people, especially those of us who are diabetics or have visaul difficulties, woul would appreciate it.

  • Thanks for the feedback @JennyF

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  • I would add that you be able to adjust the font size, I am good on my monitor, but not on my iphone.

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