Before the age of 35, I never took vitamins. Around the age of 30, my health began deteriorating: headaches, angina, constipation, flat veins, rough skin, horrible itching in legs after walking, dizzy spells, precariously low BP, etc. In 1985, the Lord showed me a book: I cut out most sugar, and I began to take vitamins. In about 2 months, most symptoms had disappeared. In May of this year. I decided to go on a low-carb diet. Soon after starting out, I began to read “Fat for Fuel” by Dr. Mercola. Also, I relied on for any questions, or additional info. Success losing weight: as of this writing, 09/20/2017, I have gone from 138.5 to 121.8—a loss of 16.7 pounds (in 18 weeks). My health has improved. I am very satisfied, and very grateful to my God for inspiring me to go on a diet, to Dr. Mercola for his tireless effort to broadcast the truth which everyone needs to know, and to the Cronometer program for showing some nutrients I lacked. I am one happy puppy!☺


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