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I noticed that my protein intake was only 29 grams today, yet I had two servings of protein powder (I am a vegetarian, except I do eat eggs), which were not reflected on the list of foods as sources of protein. It did, however, calculate the net carbs for the protein powder. Why?


  • when you're adding food and the amount of it for exp. grams , on the left side you can see how many carbs protein etc. the amount you entered is. you may have added the wrong amount make sure to check because sometimes you eat 100 grams and if you select cups it's a whole other story.

  • @Granada_Lady_67

    You also want to make sure that you are entering the correct protein powder. If the one you are using isn't in the database, you can enter it by creating a "Custom Food". Check out the link below to find out how:

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