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The Add Note feature is about making an observation or jotting a reminder. For example, about an hour ago, I took one serving of Now's Whey Protein Isolate (Dutch Chocolate). One serving, 33 grams, equals about 25 grams of protein. Add another 8 grams of protein when mixed with a glass of milk. I clicked on the Add Note feature on Cronometer and noted that this "milkshake" didn't have enough carbohydrate. In the future, I can try mixing it with Now's Carbo Gain, but after today, the note will get buried and what was written will be for nought. The reason is that there is no Note heading which says CLICK to list all your Note's! They can't be listed, and they can't be searched at the present time. Note-adding is an exercise in futility on Cronometer because of this!


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