Why doesn't Cronometer provide ability to track nutrition facts for veges juiced????

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I've been using conometer for many years but recently started juicing as it has immense health benefits. I juice 1/2 pound of kale/spinach, 30 grams ginger/turmeric, 1 apple, 80 grams of beets every morning.

I would like to at least have a GUESSTIMATE as to the nutrition facts for this. There are many sites on the internet that provide this ability... so why doesn't cronometer? It is highly disappointing! I need to be able to track all this in ONE app... not be forced to use alternative sites just to guess what on earth the nutritional value of my homemade green juices are. This is a HUGE disappointing flaw with cronometer.


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    Hi Tropical365,

    Here are Cronometer we value accuracy in our data. At the moment, we do not have the data for the nutrient profile of vegetables once they have been juiced (with the pulp removed) to enter into our database.

    If you are looking for estimates for the micronutrient profile I would recommend editing a copy of the NCCDB or USDA foods. You can edit the nutrients that are lost when you juice the vegetable. To do so, click on the Foods tab, then Search Foods. Look for kale, beets, etc. in the Common Foods tab and open it in the food editor. Click the settings menu in the top right corner and select Edit a Copy. Now you can edit the nutrients. Save your changes and this will be saved as one of your custom foods so you can continue to use it in the future.


    Karen Stark
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