Protein target very high

I have noticed that my protein targets are very high at 148g. I am not using custom settings just the following info: female, lactating, 125lbs, moderately active, maintain weight. Based on other information I would have expected to be between 50-80g per day.
Help?! I would have to add a lot to reach this target and it's the only area I am low so it just makes me wonder.


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    "Lactating" setting significantly bumps up your protein requirement, as it should! But 148g does sound very high for Fixed Targets. When you click on your protein macro bar, does it have an editable high value in it instead of greyed out using RDA?

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    Yes, for sure - I am eating a TON!! It has the greyed out using the RDA.

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    Hi Ceesmidgins,

    Could you provide us with some more information about your macronutrient targets?
    If you have a dynamic macronutrient target set, Cronometer will calculate the protein target based on the ratio of protein:fats:carbohydrates that you have chosen and the calories burned for the day.


    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen. My macronutrients are set to 25 Protein: 40 Carbs : 35 fat. I didn't edit this setting or intend to have anything other than the standard/default. Should this be changed?

    Thanks for your help!

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    That would explain! If you change it to "Fixed Targets" under Dynamic Macronutrient Targets of Profile, it should remove that ratio and only show you the minimum of what you should be eating. I played around with my settings and it came up with 71g of protein for lactating. Sounds much closer to your expected target.

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