Adding or Updating barcodes in pre-existing foods

I was scanning the barcode of a product, but even though the product was in the database it didn't yield any results.

It would be useful to have the option to add new/updated/extra barcodes to a product. So if a brand for example decides to change their barcode, we would be able to update the barcode and not need to re-add the whole product itself. This feature would also limit the amount of duplicates found in the db.
If such a feature already exists, then could someone please tell me how I could find it.

Jakob (Jkb)


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    Hi Jakob,

    We have a curation team that updates and adds barcodes to products with multiple barcodes. If you report an issue on the food to let us know about the additional barcode to add to our public database - we would really appreciate it!

    To report an issue in the mobile app, tap Add Food. Search for the food and select from the list of results. From the Add Serving dialogue, tap on the link for # listed nutrients to open the nutrient profile of the food. Tap the ! icon in the top right corner to report an issue.

    Thanks very much!

    Karen Stark
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    Thanks Karen!

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