Zone Vs Cronometer Protein Requirements

Using The Zone calculations for daily protein requirements I am to eat about 120g of protein a day. Cronometer says about 200. Now although 120 seems low, 200 seems a bit high. Why is there such a drastic difference in these calculations even though I have Zone Diet selected in Cronometer?

Thank you!


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    Hi NYBumkin,

    Cronometer calculates your macros dynamically using your calories burned for the day and the Zone ratio of Protein:Carbs:Fats = 3:4:3.

    For example, someone with 2000 kcal burned would have the following protein target:
    2000 kcal / (3+4+3) x 3 = 600 kcal protein
    600 kcal / 4 kcal/g = 150 g protein

    If you have a weight goal set, this will also be factored into the calculation. A weight loss goal would decrease the target, whereas a weight gain goal will increase the target.

    If you have some more details on the calculation you used, we can help figure it out!


    Karen Stark
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    This is the way The Zone calculates the amount of food to eat each day. It takes your lean body mass, multiplies it by your activity level factor (.5 sedentary - 1.0 elite athlete), then divides that total by 7 (one block of protein) to give the total blocks to eat that day. So, lean body mass multiplied by the activity level factor is the total protein for the day. Carbs and fats are then based on that protein total and are to be eaten in a 1:1:1 ratio. For every 7g protein it is matched with 9g carbohydrate and 3g fat.

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