Ability to set more flexible macro goals

right now, Macronutrient goals can only be set as a percentage ratio, which dynamically scales with energy expenditure. So, if I do 500 calories worth of running, my macro targets for P,F,&C ALL go up.

however generally the way my diet works (and I think this is the case for many people involved in sports) is that I have a target goal for Protein in grams rather than a percentage. So, say 130g protein. Then I want any "extra" calories I burn from exercise to come from carbohydrates. So if I do 500 calories of running I want my protein goal to stay the same and just get the extra cals from carbs.

there are other cases as well - some folks on ketogenic diets may want to have a "maximum" carb intake set at 20g which doesn't scale with activity. people may want to set a minimum fat intake, or to have all of their "extra" calories burned by exercise come from fats instead of carbs.

this is something I have been looking for in a diet app for a long time. A more robust way to define rules for macronutrient targets.


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    Hi drachma,

    Thanks for your feedback! It's great to hear what our users are looking for. We are looking at re-vamping our macronutrient targets in the future to be more flexible for targets that change depending on the day.

    Until then, you could set fixed targets for your macronutrients to give your static goal for protein of 130 g. Carbohydrates and fats will also be fixed targets going this route, so you could set a higher maximum target for carbohydrates, if that is where you would like to put your extra calories from exercise.


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks for the suggestion Karen. I was able to use Fixed targets to get ~close enough to what I was looking to do - I didn't understand how those worked before as I was using "custom." But I do now. Awesome app! and the features for different targets on different days will be appreciated as well.

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