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I have become aware, through the forums, that Cronometer will enter foods in their own database as generic items. Unlike many items that are submitted to the system by users, these Cronometer entries contain much more detailed data about the full list of nutrients in a food. It would be nice, when adding a food to the diary, if we had a way to target the Cronometer entered food only. I personally would love to get the ones you added whenever there is a good fit. Maybe a simple flag on the items description, a new field to annotate in the database table, or a view/tab to select from like the ‘Common’ or ‘favorite’ tabs.


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    I think these are already mostly available features?

    On the web application, on the Add Food dialogue, you could select "Common Foods" as the tab filter. You could also limit the search database by clicking on the gear icon on the same dialogue, and select the Source as NCCDB (my favourite) or USDA.

    On the phone app there's the "Common" tab. I'm not sure if there's a way to limit database search, but the source is listed on the right of each food.

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    Okay, your explanation should work. I had tried the common thing an earlier but a quick look appeared to be a listing of the food I use commonly, not necessarily foods put in the system by your Cronometer team. I will try this again and look much closer. But all will be okay if the item is marked as NCDB. If that means it is has the full 100% nutrients, I will use that as my flag. Will look again. You folks are awesome. 👍👍👍🤠

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    So, I took a look at the Common Tab and it appears to be showing everything as well. Seems to be an initial filter but I see all entries in there if I start searching. Does not appear to filter out user entered. So then I looked for the flag indicating the source and did find it. There are not a whole bunch of NCCDb entries. Somewhat disappointing. So my dilemma stands, not enough consistent data to know if what is being reported is accurate and complete data. Some are, some may be and the others are not. Not sure of the accuracy so can’t use for acceptable level of truth. I guess I can just settle for using the system for bar code item data only, which should be accurate, but not for true complete nutrition, just items required by us packaging laws. If I am missing something, let me know. Still like the product, just wanted a more complete nutritional picture. Happy 4th. 👍🤠🇺🇸🌅

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    Hi wadegrimm,

    Selecting the Common Foods tab when doing food searches will limit your results to our sources with the most comprehensive nutrient information. Once you click on the tab enter some text to start searching these sources only. There are some brand name products in there from NCCDB and USDA sources, but you will yield better results by searching for the generic equivalent of your food product i.e. "Spinach, Raw" rather than "Trader Joe's, Spinach"

    Take a look at this blog post for more tips on getting the most data from Cronometer: https://cronometer.com/blog/6-tips-getting-nutrition-data/


    Karen Stark
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    Thank you, this link was extremely useful. I should have read more before jumping right in. But I have been saying that my whole life. 😂😂👍🤠🌅🍰

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