Would love to hear from post menopausal weight loss successes.

Anyone care to partner with me in losing 10lbs? Any suggestions on a protocol to follow? TIA



  • Dezzy, did you use the default macros in Cronometer for your Keto protocol?

  • Hi jorieob...yes I've got the Mercola version and selected the ketogenic protocol which set me at 1g protein per kg lean body mass and 40g net carbs. I've just changed to 'rigorous' today as weight loss has slowed down and ketone readings minimal. So carbs and protein reduced and healthy fat increased. Will see what happens over the coming month. 10 lbs in 6-8 weeks? :)

    Hi Lisa_O it looks like we're on a similar path - I've lost 33 lbs over 4 months and I'm hoping for further 27 lbs loss by New Year. I hope you are feeling better already - I will be interested to hear how your health improves over time.

  • You are all so convincing
    I just don t know from where to start

  • You've already made a start Tubina by being on this forum well done!

  • That's good to know bjeriann - I've just reduced to 20g carbs so you've encouraged me :)

  • Wow, you all are so impressive! I followed the numbers from a site I've been looking at "Hello Keto". It is specifically for women, though I feel most of them are much younger. The recommend using the "Ketogains" calculator, so I am giving that a try this week. I'll take a look to see how it compares with Cronometer's numbers. I have not read Mercola's "FFF" book, but plan on getting it soon. On another meno subject, my bone density has gone up since starting on vitamin D per the Grassroots "D Project" that Mercola often writes about. I also work out twice a week with a trainer, and one of those days is challenging learning to dead lift. I don't know whether the D alone or the weight lifting alone has had the biggest impact, maybe it's the combo, but I'll take it. Now if I could only have someone hold up my neck, lol. Trying collagen peptides as I hear it's great for skin. Isn't aging glamorous?

  • I am a newbie here on the site, this is the first discussion board I logged into, I am 12 years post menopausal, my weight loss success has only been short term. I want to tell you, you all have given me "food" for thought, I have never looked into a Keto Diet Plan. I am encouraged to check out Dr. Mercola and try this diet regimen.

  • ...so it seems I'm not alone. I miss my old hormones. Menopause sucks!!!! I'm six weeks into my shedding program. So far, shed 11 pounds. I can't seem to keep the carbs below 20 grams. I aim for 50 grams a day, plus keeping my calories in the correct range. It's the fruit and veg that puts me over 20 grams. I can't justify a peach or cob of corn (especially in season) as a restricted food. Potatoes, pasta, rice and grains are out. I have had very small amounts of those a few times (a mouthful, not a serving). I do allow myself a slice of Weight Watchers Multigran bread a day....50 cals, 9 gms of carbs. Will keep on ....

  • I am 59 and read Dr Mercola's Fat for Fuel. Love the ketogentics way of eating, love the limit put on protein as I found unlimited protein makes me uncomfortable in all ways. 12.5 lbs in 4 weeks. Feel amazing. My husband joined in and I just make his meals away out of left overs. Always make a bunch so we can know there is always something to eat. When are never hungry and if we are we have a fat bomb. Best,

  • Hi jorieob - (Hey Debee, my story seems similar to yours) I'm 14+ years post menopause, age 59, no health issues and have been doing Dr M's FFF MMT plan about 2 months. Hubby is onboard EXCEPT while I use Cronometer and stay perfectly on track with the grams and percentages of the 'rigorous' Keto plan and am fat-burning and in ketosis - he doesn't use Cronometer and eats 3x of what I do and is fat-burning and in ketosis AND is experiencing the same weight loss numbers as me (we've each lost 18 lbs in 2 months and each have about 10 to go). I'd like to know how that works, since I eat like a mouse and he eats like a lion. We love the way we feel eating LCHF Keto: no hunger or cravings, clear sharp mind, high energy all day, less inflammation, less aches and pains ... so we're staying the course till we arrive at our weight loss goals and then we'll ease up some and I'll go from 'rigorous' to 'moderate' Keto and see how that 'fits' for me/us. Oh, and we love our after dinner fat bomb!

  • Debbee, do you find the macros in Cronometer (high fat/ketogenic) match up with what he recommends in the book? Or did you need to do a custom setting. A few weeks ago I used numbers calculated from Ketogains and it had me at a much higher number for protein and fat, and lower for carbs. Of course Ketogains wants you to work out 5days a week with weights which I do not do, only 2x a week. So this week I'm using the numbers that Cronometer suggested on the high fat/keto setting, protein is much lower and carbs are higher. I'm doing pretty well and have lost a little, likely water, but will give it a few weeks. One question I have is in my profile where I selected the high fat/keto setting, a little box is checked that says "athletic". I can't seem to unselect it, have you experienced this?

  • Kimberly, thanks for joining the convo. My guess is hormones play a role in the rate at which women drop compared to men. I'm also thinking that weight loss comes faster for those who have more to lose. Have you noticed any difference with menopause symptoms while following FFF?

  • Oh yes jorieob, no more hot-flashes, WOOHOO!! That was the only menopausal symptom I had anyway, thankfully. I've noticed that my husband always drops more weight and faster, for whatever the reasons which I've heard others say is the norm. And I agree that weight loss comes faster for those who have more to loose.

  • Kimberly, wow our profiles are very much alike! The same goes with my husband as he eats much more than I he is still in fat burning. Although I think he goes in and out ketosis more than I. Im like you and count everything. I dared him to test with keto strips and he seems more challenged to see that purple color. I beg him to drink more water as well. I am in my 5th week and have lost 12 lbs. Feel amazing and very alert. Up early every morning and go go go. Wanted to say as far as hormones go I really feel very even keel. Before My body would heat up and down and now nothing. I believe my emotions are in check as well. When I might have reacted quickly before now I wait, listen and may not say anything. My husband as well, is calmer. I/ we have committed to one year of ketos, I have 50 lbs to lose. Glad we met. Good luck.

  • Hi jorieob, I do use the cronometer everyday, there are questions I have as well. I too loaded another app to see how close they were and then later I put my husband in that one. Looks like for me I'm about 80 grams of fat, 40 - 45 grams of protein and 20 carbs. It says forty but I just do 20. Sometimes more. Don't know if that makes all my other numbers off or not. I'm still playing around with it and really need to figure out any unanswered questions too. I also measure glucose and ketosis several times a day. Overall I try to answer my own questions, how do I feel? Am I hungry or do I feel satisfied? Am I losing? I'm going to spend more time with the cronometer and see if I can learn more. Let's compare notes again, soon.

  • Jorieob,
    Also if you select Rigorous, your athletic gets unchecked. But why is that?
    I've using moderate setting.
    Thanks, let me know if find out more and I will to.

  • jorieob, How do like the collagen so far. We want to order some as well. What did you buy? Thanks

  • Debby, I love the emotional benefits you AND your hubby have gotten - I think most of us can use those kinds of benefits! Thanx for sharing that part of it.

  • Debee (darn spell check corrected me on the last note I wrote you and I didn't catch it in time - sorry)

  • Debee, the collagen is ok but a serving is 2 scoops which is about 22 grams of protein. Pretty high for one meal. I'm only having it a couple times a week and have not noticed a difference in skin but maybe it needs to be taken daily to see the full benefit.

  • yes , i am post menopause, age 60 and post lap band (8) years. gained all the weight back. i have been doing keto LCHF since aug 28th . have lost 13.5 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. i feel great, have more energy than ever. not craving foods. keeping recipes to a minimum for ease. i follow ruled.me for some keto recipes . making cauliflower rice for pizza crust and keto cheese bacon \muffins . ( my breakfast go to).
    loving this , its a little more cooking , but i keep it simple . salads for lunch , burgers , cauliflower roasted and fresh baby spinach by the bag ful. took me about 3 weeks to really get the keto sticks dark , but i lost weight all along. about 2 pounds a week. with no hunger. because when i am hungy i eat. i also do a 16 hour fast as much as i can.
    tp check out diet doctor .com for that and dr jason fung. my fasting sugars are down from 127 to 96. my cholesterol is down and my triglycerides are too. my A1c and small ldl will go down too . i am confident. i dont gorge on butter and meats . but i do have satiety. use the cronometer app for keeping track . its the only way. i even joined the gold membership ( i like to see the graphs of my progress to keep track of what i do .)

    good luck --go keto!!!

  • I am very sympathetic to the Questions comprehended in the Topic above: "Would love to hear... post menopausal success."
    I have had recent success--after having experienced failure. I have MUCH to share. However, I will post here the bare bones of my story, and a graphic image which I posted for my FB friends--if I can upload it. In sum: I lost 20 Lbs. in 22 Wks.
    "...for 11 years [after going into full-on menopause, in 2005] I was unable to lose weight. Worse. Every time I dieted for weight loss, I GAINED weight. Eventually, I stopped going on weight loss regimens. I ended up weighing 140+ lbs. I resigned myself to being 15+ lbs. overweight for the rest of my life. (125 lbs. had been my “lifetime ideal weight” since the age of, say, 23.)" [I am now 68 yo]
    Then, in May, began low-carb diet for first time in 5-7 years. I think I owe my success to:
    "1) I obtained Dr. Mercola’s book, Fat for Fuel, a few weeks into the program,...I learned about protein--eat too much, gain weight-- and fasting (and much, much more) from Dr. M.
    2) I [recorded] ALL the food that crossed my lips [on Cronometer] ...[this] program keeps count of the totals of each nutrient ...on 3 occasions where I had GAINED weight over the previous 7 days, the reason was that I had eaten more carbs in that previous week than in weeks before--Cronometer proved it. On one occasion, I are too many GOOD carbs.
    3) I engaged in a more or less regular exercise program...[something like resistance training..]
    4) I have been faithfully taking several reproductive hormones by mouth over the last 10 years or more. Actually, DHEA & Pregnenolone --and Progesterone by skin."
    Anyone is welcome to message me--if private messaging is available on CM.

  • ConnieSC, thanks for your detailed response. I just received my copy of FFF. When you set up Cronometer, did you use the default for Keto macros or did you figure out your own and put them in as a custom setting?

  • I'm 61 and started LCHF/keto after signing up for a free two challenge at DietDoctor.com. I've 40 lbs since May. I cut out sugar, grains (bread, pasta, rice, crackers etc.), starch, fruit (with the exception of berries). It's possible to lose weight but the "everything in moderation" never worked for me.

  • Good morning everyone. This has been a great place to get encouragement for this journey. I'm new to keto diet about 1 week in, no weight loss but some interesting results anyway. I'm 56, haven't had a period for about 5 years and 4 days into the keto diet I got my period. After several hours of being convinced I was going die, and trying to frantically get a Dr. appt I stumbled on a site that talked about keto and menopause. It seems getting a period isn't that uncommon on the keto diet. Another is the strange feeling of NOT being hungry. I'm so used to the feeling of always being hungry and trying to fight it, it's just weird now to feel satisfied. One last effect, I went to a weight lifting class yesterday, I haven't been going because I was just so tired and dreading going again because I hate having to go through a weeks of being almost too sore to move before my body gets used to the lifting. When I got up this morning much to my surprise I have minimal soreness. My muscles are not screaming. I'm still stuggling to get my carbs as low as I want but this seems to be the right path!

  • 'jorieob', thought I'd answer the question you asked 'ConnieSC:
    I came to Cronometer from Dr M's FFF and I've chosen 'Keto' and 'rigorous' options for weight loss goals and WOW is it working for me!!
    I found the 'rigorous' option to be quite tough getting started because of not knowing how incredibly little food consumption there is in watching ones grams intake; how there's carbs in everything and how easily it is to consume too much protein.
    But I trudged on, stuck to it with firm determination and figured it out ... that was 2 months ago. I am extremely enjoying a 20 lb drop in weight, with 10 lbs to go - WOOHOO - and there have been many more physical benefits, so needless to say, it was soooooo worth the difficulty of getting started!!!
    Here's a little side note: I just got back from a 10 day trip to Japan (I live in the States), and as most know Japan is all about their noodles and rice and proteins! I was able to eat out, without consuming noodles or rice, nor large portions of proteins, and I came home having dropped my usual 2 lbs of weight and did NOT feel starved while 'working-the-diet' in another country/culture/on vacation. Now there's some encouragement for whoever of you needed that, so trudge on my friends ... it's a wonderful journey we're on!!!

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