Add whole food (fruits and vegetables)/processed food/animal food categories

There are several diets that say a certain percentage of your diet should be whole foods such as fruits or vegetables, less than 2% processed, less than 10% animal protein, etc. I would love it if Cronometer added this additional breakdown of categories. It would be a huge eye opener to someone trying to eat healthier but still consuming a lot of processed foods. They'd be able to really see how much of their diet and calories really come from healthy fruits and vegetables as opposed to processed junk food.


  • Hi CompletelyKathryn,

    Cronometer does have categories such 'Fruits and Fruit Juices' and 'Vegetables and Vegetable Products', as well as tag for Whole foods. It is a great suggestion to show you how much of your daily intake comes from these categories and/or include a metric to show the percent of intake from whole vs. processed foods.


    Karen Stark
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  • I would love an option to only have whole foods (not brand names eg 'Trade Joe Snap Peas!') when I search for foods.

  • Hi @keepthebeet , we do offer this option! When you select the "Add food" button, select the tab labelled "Common"

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  • @Hilary Why is it called 'Common' instead of 'Whole Foods'?

  • Hi @keepthebeet; that's a great question! We actually mulled over what to name this category for a while and we landed on Common Foods instead of Whole foods. This is not strictly a whole foods category, as it also contains foods such as milk, jam, tea, bread, and some more generalized entries for baked goods, meals, drinks etc.
    This is a good tab to find foods that have nutrients reported that have been lab tested and analyzed, and encompass more than one specific brand name.

    For instance, if I search for Carrots in the Common foods tab, Raw carrots will be the first option that is listed, but I also have the option of other foods including cooked carrots, carrot juice, etc, all of which are not strictly whole foods.

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    @Hilary I just noticed that it's called 'Whole Foods' instead of 'Common Foods' in your instructions...

    To me, 'Common Foods' sounds too much like Favourite Foods... as in foods that I eat commonly (:

  • Thanks for the feedback @keepthebeet . It looks like that's an outdated screenshot from when we were in our flip-flopping phase between whole foods and common foods - Good Eye; we will get that fixed ;) . We will keep your thoughts about this in mind; do you have any suggestions for a different name for this tab?

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  • @Hilary how about 'Unbranded Foods'?

    A related suggestion/request is to give us the ability to choose the order of the columns --> eg to have what is currently known as 'Common Foods' or 'Favourite Foods' come first, so that I don't have to select it so often when it's what I want the most... and speaking of good eyes; how about a Canadian spelling of 'favourite'? ;)

    Thank you!! <3

  • Thanks for the suggestion, @keepthebeet
    The more you use it Cronometer, the more you will find that your most commonly used items will populate the list that automatically appears!
    (As a fellow Canadian, I agree about the Canadian spelling of Favourite, but at this time we will retain the American spelling for our large US user base)

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