How long is sodium in your system?

I am eating a low sodium diet for my high blood pressure. However, my hypertension is not going down after 3.5 weeks of going from 3-4K mg of Sodium a day to 2K mg of sodium a day.
Any thoughts?

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    Sodium is a water soluble nutrient, so we tend to lose it through our sweat and urine. Lowering your sodium is a great step in achieving a healthy blood pressure, however, for hypertension, you made need to get less than 2000 mg per day for it make a difference. I would set your upper limit between 1200-1500 mg to see if this makes a difference. Lastly, be sure to follow-up with your doctor to ensure that an undiagnosed medical condition (such as sleep apnea) isn't making the issue worse.

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  • Thanks so much for your answer Susan! Very much appreciated from a true professional!

  • I specialize in using the DASH eating plan to get BP to goal. This works in 2 weeks usually and can be tracked with Cronometer and by having your health care team measure urine Na and K from time to time.

    My mantra is show me the pee! It does not lie.
    DASH goal is <1,500 mg Na and >4700 mg K which you can track with Cronometer.

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